Happy 90th Birthday Mick

Mick holding his signed birthday card

 Lifelong Blues supporter Mick Johnston celebrated his 90th birthday recently. The Spirit of Carlton would like to extend our best wishes to Mick and many happy returns. Mick is a veteran of World War II, in particular he was one of the famous ‘Rats of Tobruk’ who fought so bravely in holding off Rommel, the Desert Fox in the sands of Libya.

Lisa Domican and her Grandpa Mick

While Mick celebrated with family and friends in an RSL hall he was presented with a Carlton Football Club birthday card which had been signed by past and present players of the club. From all reports Mick was thrilled with his present. The Spirit of Carlton is delighted to have played a small part in celebrating Micks special day. We would like to thank Lisa Domican who contacted the Spirit of Carlton with an idea for her grandfather’s 90th birthday. Lisa is the creator of the Grace App, which is an iPhone application designed to help Autistic children communicate more freely.


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