Happy 90th Birthday Mick

Mick holding his signed birthday card

 Lifelong Blues supporter Mick Johnston celebrated his 90th birthday recently. The Spirit of Carlton would like to extend our best wishes to Mick and many happy returns. Mick is a veteran of World War II, in particular he was one of the famous ‘Rats of Tobruk’ who fought so bravely in holding off Rommel, the Desert Fox in the sands of Libya.

Lisa Domican and her Grandpa Mick

While Mick celebrated with family and friends in an RSL hall he was presented with a Carlton Football Club birthday card which had been signed by past and present players of the club. From all reports Mick was thrilled with his present. The Spirit of Carlton is delighted to have played a small part in celebrating Micks special day. We would like to thank Lisa Domican who contacted the Spirit of Carlton with an idea for her grandfather’s 90th birthday. Lisa is the creator of the Grace App, which is an iPhone application designed to help Autistic children communicate more freely.


Carlton versus Adelaide Practise Match

It was like old times at Visy Park on friday when a big crowd of eager Blues supporters braved the cold and drizzle to watch the latest installment of pre-season 2011. The Blue boys put on a good display by overcoming Adelaide, in particular Chris Yarran dazzled opponents all afternoon with some scintillating dashes off half back. As usual I have wandered far and wide around the internet jungle to bring you some of the colour and comment from our latest game.

There were lots of people taking photos on the day and we have quite a few albums which have been uploaded.

Nice slideshow of over 100 photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/oaks101/sets/72157626193275782/show/

Official CFC photos of the day: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=292494&id=108959538333

Some pics from ACP Photography: http://www.flickr.com/photos/acphotography18/archives/date-posted/2011/03/04/

Gerald Bartels take of the day: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=377463&id=527572574

CFCTV interviewed ‘Dangles’ Armfield after the game.

Herald Sun Article: http://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/afl/double-blow-for-crows/story-e6frf9jf-1226016034677

CFC Article written by Jason Phelan: http://www.carltonfc.com.au/news/newsarticle/tabid/4311/newsid/108790/default.aspx

 Over at TalkingCarlton, the poster aboynamedsue had this to say:

The 3 players who brought a smile to my face yesterday were Yarran, Hammer & Duigan. Yarran looks a million bucks at the moment. His run out of defence and ball use was first class. Hammer carried the can in the ruck in the 2nd half after Warnock went off early in the 3rd term. I think Warnock might have suffered a minor injury and was kept off the ground for the rest of the 2nd half as a precaution (by the way, I thought Warnock was fairly dominant in the ruck in the 1st half – made one or two clangers with the ball, but he controlled the ruck contests well). We’ve been saying for a few years now that Hammer will be handful if/when the marks start sticking…well, he clunked a few beauties yesterday and his workrate was excellent. And Duigan….looked very determined to have an impact yesterday (obviously fighting for a spot in the Rd 1 team + I suspect he wanted to prove a point to the Crows…) and I think those that compare him to Andrew McKay are pretty close to the mark. Time will tell if he gets to the AA level that Macca did, be he certainly seems a similar type player to Macca. Pencil him in for Round 1 now.

At Carlton Supporters Club, the poster Baggers2011 observed:

Although we have to temper pre season games with the reality of just what it is – a pre-season game, I really saw positives in our effort against Adelaide.

Adelaide came to play and they were crisp, purposeful, smart and direct…early, and also early in the 3rd. During this time they were all over us. We looked like a gangly teenager trying to come to grips with his growing body. But mostly, we worked hard and maximized our opportunities.

When we consider that we were minus around 6 players in our best 22, I was cautiously optimistic in regards our application and response to being down. This time last year, Adelaide got over us and at times on Friday it looked like they would again. I thought the difference this year compared to last was a few defenders who made good decisions under pressure and delivered the pill with precision – an imperative in a top team.

Specifically – Laidler (what a deadly left foot), Diugan (continues to impress, though looked a little lost at times) and White – his attack on the aggot and opponent is great. Jamison seems to be learning (I bet one ex ColliWobbler, G. Brown is having an impact there!!) though he must stop giving away free kicks – this will be the make or break year for Jammo. And then there was Yarran…he’ll cop a negating forward for sure, but dream on opponents, this guy will grow and find a way to cut a swathe through many a defensive press. 

Display Case Completed

Wonderful news today as the new display case in the Visy Park foyer is now complete. The final touches were made this morning in time for the practice match against the Crows. Many hundreds of people got to see the display cabinet today and based on seeing their reactions the display seemed to be very well appreciated. If you saw the cabinet today please leave a message in our comments section to tell us what you think.

For those Blues supporters not able to make it into Visy Park we have produced a video to show you what the display cabinet contains. The contents of the cabinet will change from time to time, at the moment the display is of memorabilia from the 1981 and 1982 premierships.

Twenty Together Always Wins

A new video has been released showing the development of the new Jamie Cooper painting of the combined 1981 and 1982 premiership teams entitled ‘Twenty Together Always Win’. To see the painting close up please play the video below. To purchase your copy of the limited edition copy of this painting click here. To purchase a ticket to the upcoming Carlton Hall of Fame dinner on March 26th please click here.

New Footage of 1981 Grand Final Celebrations

You may have noticed this article in yesterdays Herald Sun.

The video it mentions will be appearing in the new display case in the Visy Park foyer this week. From over two hours of footage an eleven minute video will feature in the display, six minutes of which are scenes from this newly discovered 1981 premiership celebration video.

The Herald Sun was given access to a small snippet to whet our appetite. Enjoy the video below.

CFC/SOC Display Cabinet News

There has been great progress on the upcoming CFC/SOC display cabinet. If you are around the club tomorrow keep an eye out for some activity opposite the giant picture of Jezza. Within the next few days the entire display should be complete.

This is a wonderful project of mutual cooperation between the Carlton Football Club and the Spirit of Carlton.

We cannot give too much away at this stage about the contents of the first display. However, one of the exciting additions is never before seen, behind the scenes video footage of premiership celebrations. You will get to see what it is like in the rooms after a Carlton premiership.

This project is another example of where your money goes when you become a member of the Spirit of Carlton.

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Garry Crane on Spirit of Carlton TV

You may not be aware that the Spirit of Carlton has a youtube channel where our videos are showcased. We expect to include more videos for 2011 as well, so we encourage everyone to subscribe to our channel, that way when new videos are added you will be the first to know. The easiest way to subscribe is to click on the red Youtube button on the top right hand corner of the website.

Today we highlight an interview from our archive of Garry Crane, who played in 3 premierships during his 148 game career at the Blues.

Membership is just a tick away

When filling out your Carlton Football Club membership form keep an eye out for the Spirit of Carlton optional extra box on the form, we have highlighted it in the following picture so you can see where it is:

Spirit of Carlton on Carlton Membership Form
Spirit of Carlton on Carlton Membership Form

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– Preservation and promotion of the history of the club.

Already, nearly $300,000 has been provided to pay for specific items and activities including ice baths, training equipment, support for the Father and Son Development Academy and the upcoming display case in the CFC foyer.

As our membership grows we are able to provide more to the club, for the present and for the past so that the future will be stronger.

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