Past Player Birthdays: 10th October

Digby Morrell

Career: 2004-2005
Debut: Round 1, 2004 vs Fremantle
1074th Carlton Player
Games: 32
Goals: 12
Last Game: Round 22, 2005 vs Kangaroos
Guernsey No. 3
Height: 191cm
Weight: 97kg
DOB: 10 October, 1979

Digby “Diggers” Morrell was traded to Carlton by the Kangaroos at the end of the 2003 season, together with David Teague, for ex-Roo Corey McKernan who had just spent 2 years on the Carlton list.

Morrell’s career at the Blues would echo that of Brett Johnson, who also was traded to Carlton in 2003 and also played 32 games for the Blues over 2004-2005. Morrell was a different type of player, a marking forward / defender with a clever touch to his game. At 191cm though, he was always going to be a third forward or defender, never quite key position height, despite his strong marking ability 1 on 1.

Given our struggling defence in the time period, with key position youngsters Livingston, Thornton and Norman all given a tough run at spots in the seniors given how much time the ball spent in our defensive 50, Morrell was often thrown back to assist. At times he was useful, others, much like the other defenders, he was soundly beaten.

On occasion it was as a third or fourth forward that Morrell would shine. However, 4.6 from 21 games in 2004 and 8.7 from 11 games in 2005 highlights his potential but also how much time he spent in defence.

Given the #3 guernsey, Morrell was a popular player at Carlton / Bullants and like Johnson, was a game winner at the lower levels. Unfortunately for Morrell, these performances did not translate to the highest level of the AFL.

He maintained his connection with Carlton following his delisting, both by playing at its VFL affiliate the Northern Bullants, where he helped mentor Carlton’s youngsters and as MC at various Club functions (where his use and support of the Blueseum is noted and appreciated). At the Bullants, in 2006 he was the Northern Bullants leading goal scorer with 53 goals and finished 2nd in their Best and Fairest Award. Morrell spent the 2008 season at rival VFL club Box Hill Hawks before heading of to local Essendon District Football League Club Strathmore for the 2009 and 2010 seasons.

Morrell was originally recruited from West Perth, WA.


Thanks to the Blueseum for player bio and pic.

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