On This Day: 10th July

The Blues take on the Western Bulldogs today in a must win game. This date has seen some interesting games, including one where the Blues won despite being goal-less for three quarters and game where Ross Ditchburn booted 12 goals!

Round 11, 1909

Carlton 0.4 4 0.11 11 9.13 67 9.14 68
South Melbourne 3.2 20 4.4 28 4.5 29 6.8 44
Venue: Princes Park Date: 10 July 1909
Result: Win by 24 points Umpire: Crowd: over 40,000
Goalkickers: V.Gardiner 3, H.Kelly 2, G.Topping 2, F.Jinks 1, A.Lang 1.
Reports: Injuries:


After a disastrous start to the season, when in-fighting led to 3 losses in the first 4 rounds, the Blues had won 7 in a row. They were drawn to meet the heir-apparents, South, and over 40000 were on hand to witness the clash.

Atrocious kicking for goal saw the Blues trail 0-11 to 4-4 at half-time. After adding yet another behind early in the 3rd quarter, Carlton clicked into gear and poured on 9-1 in 20 minutes, a scoring blitz without precedence.

The pretenders, it seemed, had been put in their place.

South Melbourne and Carlton were the best teams of the season, South won in round two by 17 points but Carlton reversed the result in round 11 with a brilliant barnstorming quarter. The score at half-time was Carlton 0.11 to South’s 4.4 – but the Blues put on nine goals to none in the third quarter in what one scibe called the “most marvellous exhibition of resistless attack ever seen on a Victorian football field”. – 100 Years of Australian Rules Football.

Round 15, 1976

Carlton 4.3 27 8.6 54 10.8 68 12.8 80
Fitzroy 1.6 12 4.8 32 6.13 49 10.16 76
Venue: Princes Park Date: July 10, 1976
Result: Win by 4 points Umpires: G.Fellows & I.Robinson Crowd: 25,340 Receipts: $23,168
Goalkickers: M.Fitzpatrick 2, A.Jesaulenko 2, R.Walls 2, D.McKay 2, B.Armstrong 1, R.Austin 1, R.Byrne 1, P.Jones 1.
Best: R.Ashman, R.Austin, A.Jesaulenko, R.Byrne, M.Maclure, D.McKay.
Reports: Injuries:


Although they have been dubbed Lions at home and lambs away, Fitzroy almost dispelled this theory when they scored four goals in four minutes to hold a handy lead over Carlton at Princes Park. But the long kicking Blues finally got in by four points in a game in which fortunes swung back and forth all day. Fitzroy’s problem in recent years – kicking straight – was the one thing which saw them lose their sixth away game this season, while they let the Blues record their fifth home ground victory. Having 26 shots to 20 for the game proves they had more of the play and should have been victors. But winning is what League matches is all about. – Football Record.


Round 16, 1982

Carlton 9.1 55 12.5 77 16.10 106 21.13 139
St Kilda 4.1 25 4.5 29 7.8 50 9.9 63
Venue: Waverley Park Date: July 10, 1982
Result: Win by 76 points Umpires: V.Vasiliou & P.Cameron Crowd: 27,829 Receipts; $67,010
Goalkickers: Ditchburn 12, W.Johnston 2, A.Marcou 2, W.Jones 1, M.Fitzpatrick 1, P.Bosustow 1, P.Meldrum 1, R.Ashman 1.
Best; R.Ditchburn, R.Ashman, V.Perovic, J.Buckley, G.Southby, W.Johnston, M.Bortolotto, W.Jones.
Reports: P.Maylin (Carlton) by field umpire P.Cameron for allegedy striking M.Nettlefold (St Kilda) with a right clenched fist to the face in the third quarter.
G.Burns (St Kilda) by field umpire V.Vasiliou for allegedy striking M.Bortolotto with the left forearm to the face in the first quarter.
G.Burns (St Kilda) by field umpire V.Vasiliou for allegedy striking W.Harmes with the left forearm to the face in the second quarter.  
Injuries: Nil


Ross Ditchburn kicked an amazing 12 goals in this whitewash of the Saints at Waverley. Ditchburn would equal the efforts of Greg Kennedy 10 years earlier in kicking 12 for the Blues, the only two players in our history to do it. Of course, Horrie Clover went one better with 13 in 1921.

”Full forwards dominated the voting in the first half of the split 16th round. Carlton’s Ross Ditchburn slammed on 12 goals to secure his spot in the seniors (Simon Beasley also booting 12 goals). After biding his time in the Carlton reserves for several weeks, Ditchburn got his chance to prove himself recently and has performed well in the last two matches. Ditchburn received top votes because he provided a great target for his team-mates and capitalised on his opportunities. Rod Ashman also had a day out collecting a swag of possessions and being resposnible for a lot of forward thrusts and scoring opportunities. – Inside Football Player of the Year.”

Thanks to the Blueseum for game information.

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