Membership is just a tick away

When filling out your Carlton Football Club membership form keep an eye out for the Spirit of Carlton optional extra box on the form, we have highlighted it in the following picture so you can see where it is:

Spirit of Carlton on Carlton Membership Form
Spirit of Carlton on Carlton Membership Form

This is the easiest way to become a member of the Spirit of Carlton, just one tick and all your details from your CFC membership will be used for your Spirit of Carlton membership.

Your money goes towards three main areas when you pay for a Spirit of Carlton Membership,

– Facilities for the current playing group.

РAssistance for past players and officials in the form of ongoing welfare and support activities (medical support, hardship support, general support).

– Preservation and promotion of the history of the club.

Already, nearly $300,000 has been provided to pay for specific items and activities including ice baths, training equipment, support for the Father and Son Development Academy and the upcoming display case in the CFC foyer.

As our membership grows we are able to provide more to the club, for the present and for the past so that the future will be stronger.

So Download a Carlton Football Club Membership form today and tick the Spirit of Carlton as well!

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